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A privately held company Brand Invest International encourages an entreprenurial approach that allows us to respond quickly and effectively to market opportunities.

Disciplined risk management is crucial to our success. Our experienced team of risk management professionals employs the best-in-class processes and procedures. This empowered team is integral to our investing process and ensures disciplined approach to risk across the firm.

Our Services

We are international dealers in mobile devices and smart phones based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and our customer base spans accross the globe.

We deeply value customers satisfaction and are committed in providing the best service we can to the customer.
We urge to conduct on a positive feeling of esteem and recognition of our business partners, customers and suppliers. We meet our commitments and accept them with the highest ethnical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness. Brand Invest anticipate change, delivering value in a creative sense to our associates as we capitalize on all of the opprotunities that arise.
Brand Invest International Ltd is a company whose registered offices are located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The company specialises in the trading of mobile devices, computer parts and commodities world wide. The company's staff have almost twenty years experience from the mobile telecommunications and computer marketplace.
With many years experience of trading, we at Brand Invest believe that an open and equitable approach to trade is the key to any successful business relationship. If your company shares the same approach and philosophy to trade, then we would be delighted to be your sourcing partner in Europe.




Those are just a few values that guide Brand Invest to it's decisions and behaviours.

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Brand Invest International
7A Koliyo Ficheto Str
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Registration number: 201074468
Phone: +47 400 44 898
Skype: brandinvest1
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